v1.2-67, v1.2-68 changelog & World Bee Day 2021

Buzz buzz!

In anticipation of World Bee Day (which has already begun in New Zealand at the time of writing!), here's a special patch. It's not quite an "update" on the scale of the Informational Update or Hiveversary Update, but it adds a bunch of new content, rounds some rough edges, and fixes some bugs.

This patch initially had a possible crash when viewing Throne Room vignettes. This has been hotfixed in v1.2-68. Apologies to anybody affected!

The biggest addition in this patch are rare Queen decrees that provide some bigger-impact effects. My favourite is "Shared (Im)mortality," which prevents bees from dying of old age while that Queen is alive - it goes strongly against the kind of population management strategies the game typically asks players to engage in, and I hope is as interesting for players as it is for me!

Discovered rare decrees will appear in the Queen topic in the Beepedia to make them easier to keep track of. If this sort of thing isn't to your tastes and you still would like to research the Royal Decrees upgrade for regular decrees, there's a new Find Your Own Fun option that allows rare decrees to be disabled.

A number of new and updated event images found their way into this patch. In particular, every event in the Yam Party chain now has its own image, and the Drink Responsibly event is now a lot less sketchy. Several vignettes now have special image variants as well.

Speaking of vignettes, I've written 106 new vignettes, doubling the number that were previously in the game. Vignette queuing has also been updated to prevent unseen vignettes from being skipped, so it will take longer for event lists to be exhausted and shuffled back into circulation.

For those of you who like hats, eight new hats have been added to the game, and a bug preventing customised Queen hats from being saved/loaded correctly has been fixed.

The Beepedia has received a couple of new topics. Of particular note are the new topics allowing common controls to be seen without heading back out to the main menu and current FYOF settings to be reviewed (for the first time! Apologies to anybee who wanted to check that stuff).

At this time, other projects are requiring more of my attention, and pending any bugs (the kind without wings) or dramatic changes, this will likely be the last patch of this scale that Hive Time receives. I am disappointed that I didn't get to do the Monumental Update and the Goal Update, but my qualifier for Hive Time's initial release back in 2019 was that I'd be content if I never got to work on it again, and everything since has been a bonus.

Overall, I feel positive about the work I've put into Hive Time, and proud to have made the game I wanted to make. I'm glad to know that it's been enjoyed by so many people (50,000 downloads is so far beyond my expectations), and I'm thankful to those of you who left some  nice words in a review or reached out to tell me that it means something to you.

Thanks to Peter, Aubrey, and Miriam for their contributions, thanks to everybody who donated their time to testing builds (watch the credits, witness their names), and thanks to everybody who reported bugs.

Thanks especially to everybody who paid more than the game's recommended $10 price - it's been heart warming to see the average purchase price balance around $10 in a way that suggests people pitching in more to cover those who can't afford much in these difficult times. Talking about money is weird and uncomfortable, but if you'd like to read more, there's a whole article diving into Hive Time's finances with budgets and graphs and things.

I hope that this patch brings something that you appreciate. If you play on the 20th of May, keep an eye out for the in-game World Bee Day event.

Bee nice to the bees in your life, and enjoy!

- Cheese

Full changelog:

  • Upgraded to Godot 3.3
  • Added debug shortcut (Alt+N) for spawning queens with rare/rare effects (displays an intermediate yes/no event for choosing)
  • Added click notice to queen effect details popup when an rare decree is present
  • Added double_research rare decree
  • Added bear_love rare decree
  • Added extravagance rare decree
  • Added forgetful rare decree
  • Added no_refunds rare decree
  • Added wasp_hate rare decree
  • Added immortal_subjects rare decree
  • Added list of discovered rare decrees to Queen Beepedia topic
  • Added new decree icons
  • Added new decrees to get_effect_descriptions() and add_effect_icons()
  • Added rare decree processing
  • Added FYOF option for disabling rare queen effects
  • Added new event images for yam party 2, 3, and 4
  • Added new effect icons for yam party 2, 3, and 4
  • Added night variant for exit vignette background
  • Added hony smear variant for worker vignette foreground
  • Added wax chunks variant for worker vignette foreground
  • Added sleepy variant for queen vignette forgeround
  • Added bee effort icons
  • Added small effort icon to research screen
  • Added logging for returning to menu
  • Added 11 new nursery vignettes
  • Added 13 new workshop vignettes
  • Added 10 new map room vignettes
  • Added 10 new barracks vignettes
  • Added 10 new exit vignettes
  • Added 23 new generic vignettes
  • Added 6 new wax assembler vignettes
  • Added 11 new honey refinery vignettes
  • Added 12 new jelly refinery vignettes
  • Added output for the number of loaded vignettes
  • Added new find your own fun beepedia topic image
  • Added chat integration status effect icon
  • Added chat integration status icon to community settings menu
  • Added log output when saving screenshots
  • Added find your own fun topic to beepedia's beepedia category
  • Added beepedia icons for find your own fun topic
  • Added beepedia image for find your own fun topic
  • Added controls topic for beepedia's beepedia category
  • Added beepedia icons for controls topic
  • Added beepedia topic image for controls
  • Added beepedia hint topic covering running out of resources at the beginning of a hive
  • Added checkbox images with no bottom padding for beepedia FYOF topic
  • Added get methods for all FYOF settings
  • Added some new bee names
  • Added some new queen names
  • Added list count in vignette selector
  • Added by merchandise button to payment reminder screen
  • Added Player::get_bee_names_from_bee_list()
  • Added sport visor forager hat
  • Added beehive queen hat
  • Added frut queen hat
  • Added hachimaki defender hat
  • Added builder hammer hat
  • Added worker monocle hat
  • Added beesitter sweatband hat
  • Added worker top hat
  • Added MiscTransparentGreen texture
  • Added 3D representation for ghost queens
  • Added show_ghost_queen and hide_ghost_queen effects
  • Added effect processing for ghost_queen
  • Added processing for 'hidden' property for effects to suppress effect indicators
  • Added syrup dispenser to facility substitutions
  • Added storage beepedia topic to default unlocks
  • Added small beepedia icon bbcode substitution
  • Added custom queen name to save file for FYOF beepedia topic
  • Added Game::is_queen_lifespan_default()
  • Added rareEffectChance to saves
  • Added debug vignette selector
  • Added show vignette selector debug shortcut (Shift+V)
  • Added optional mute on focus loss (ew, but nice for those who want it)
  • Added CellWrangler::get_base_type()
  • Added coloured twemoji emoji font
  • Added special cursor when management shortcut (Ctrl) is held
  • Updated nectar rave event image
  • Updated log name from godot.log to hive-time.log
  • Updated 'That aftertaste' vignette to use wax chunks foreground
  • Updated 'Warpaint' vignette to use honey smear foreground
  • Updated 'Can't get enough of them' vignette to use sleeply foreground
  • Updated bee_effort subsitution to use icon
  • Updated Player::process_substitutions() to use another bee of the same role for another_bee if one exists, another living bee if not, and a random bee name if no other living bees exist
  • Updated vignette setup to not place a throne vignette on the centre cell
  • Updated aspiration substitution to replace 'the' with 'this' in 'transcent the phyiscal plane'
  • Updated facility substutions to have large and small shrubbery, and tickly scorpion
  • Updated fountain facility substitution t be 'cheese fountain'
  • Updated blacklisted bees to say 'Blacklisted' when dying
  • Updated Bee:get_queen_target() to behave with ghost queen
  • Updated Player::mungeVignetteData() to duplicate vignette when injecting ghost queen effect
  • Updated bee details popup to explictly say ghost queen for ghost queens
  • Updated bee details popup to not show click notice for ghost queens
  • Updated supporter names in credits
  • Updated research beepedia topic text to link to upgrading cells topic
  • Updated storage beepedia topic text to bold 'reserve sliders'
  • Updated controls tutorial to show fewer controls and mention Beepedia common controls topic
  • Updated all tutorials to reference a relevant beepedia topic
  • Updated activities detail text to be taller to prevent scrolling
  • Updated Beepedia::get_beepedia_icon() to load topic-named icons (for controls and find your own fun topics)
  • Updated show next event debug shortcut (E)
  • Updated show event selector debug shortcut (Shift+E)
  • Updated rare effects to increase likelihood with every decree queen without rare effects
  • Updated tidy_portrait_list() to take into account last four past queens
  • Updated calculate_ongoing_effects() to bump up resource limits to allow wax production building costs regardless of construction multiplier
  • Updated calculate_ongoing_effects() to bump up resource limits to allow wax storage research costs regardless of research multiplier
  • Updated research notifications to extend existing notification if present
  • Updated research item notified flag to not be set to true until that item's category has been viewed in the research menu
  • Updated extendOrAddActivity() to update cellX and cellY if present in newActivity
  • Updated vignette data to include cell type index
  • Updated vignette handling to not skip unseen vignettes
  • Updated Game::handle_vignette_click() to grab vignette data if not present
  • Updated activity indicator to cache game node reference
  • Updated activity indicator to trigger HUD activity icon visibility recalculation on tree exit
  • Updated vignette debug shortcut to clear active vignette flag if true
  • Updated activity icon visibility processing to handle re-showing hidden icons when icon count drops
  • Updated new beepedia topic notification to use non-plural title
  • Updated new beepedia topic notification to use use existing activity if present
  • Updated chat bee spawning to display message that triggered spawn when spawn mode is always
  • Refactored gameSettingsList to be stored in Game and be accessible to beepedia when main menu isn't instantiated
  • Refactored Player::do_cell_type_vignette() and Player::activate_vignette() to do vignette data processing in Player::getVignetteData() and Player::mungeVignetteData()
  • Refactored activity icon visibility setting out from HUD::add_activity()
  • Refactored Player::extendOrAddActivity() out from Player::extendOrMakeActivity() to allow extension of activities that need complex construction
  • Refactored cursor handling
  • Removed chat vote error output when no votes are received
  • Removed a doubled map room vignette
  • Removed uncoloured noto emoji font
  • Removed some extraneous logging
  • Fixed polled dead bees appearing in the bee list
  • Fixed event inventory items carrying between new games/loaded saves
  • Fixed queen portrait details not using hms for reign length
  • Fixed dev bees spawning when already present
  • Fixed vignette selector not displaying generic vignettes after switching to another category
  • Fixed missing queen hats effect icon (needed for gift vote UI)
  • Fixed thicker and slimmer chat bee commands being reversed
  • Fixed queen portraits repeating when moving to a new hive
  • Fixed queen portraits being unnecessarily shuffled when loading a game or moving to a new hive
  • Fixed portrait names being loaded twice in debug builds
  • Fixed current Queen lineage hat not being saved properly
  • Fixed radial menu items not showing costs with construction multiplier
  • Fixed research menu not showing costs with research multiplier
  • Fixed possible crash on ghost queen vignette
  • Fixed radial menu refund items not using refund multiplier
  • Fixed bad categories in 'Specialisation is for other insects' event
  • Fixed !queen dev commad being processed as !q
  • Fixed twilight years event not using current Queen's name
  • Fixed rstrip() call that should've been trim_suffix() in MusicPlayer
  • Fixed possible crash when viewing Throne Room vignettes


hive-time-linux-v1.2.zip 130 MB
Version v1.2-68-gb786dbe2 May 20, 2021
hive-time-mac-v1.2.zip 143 MB
Version v1.2-68-gb786dbe2 May 20, 2021
hive-time-windows-v1.2.zip 129 MB
Version v1.2-68-gb786dbe2 May 20, 2021
hive-time-linux-v1.2.zip 130 MB
Version v1.2-68-gb786dbe2 May 20, 2021
hive-time-mac-v1.2.zip 143 MB
Version v1.2-68-gb786dbe2 May 20, 2021
hive-time-windows-v1.2.zip 129 MB
Version v1.2-68-gb786dbe2 May 20, 2021

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