Hive Time is available now!

It's high time for Hive Time!

The cute and zany hivebuilder that myself, Mim, and Peter have been working on this year is now available!

Build a hive, make some honey. Meet slug mobsters, rampaging wasps, and musical dung beetles. Balance bee population dynamics as they contribute to a community capable of accomplishing more than any lone bee could. Grow a lineage of Queens that spans many hives, or build a single, sustainable generational colony.

Where to from here

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll be focusing on support/bugfixing and generally winding down after the leadup to release. 

We will also look at getting the original jam version available to celebrate the game's origins and highlight how far it's come over the past 8 months.

Regarding price

I believe that our work is worth $10, but for this project, I'm in a position to make the game accessible to people for whom that might be a significant financial barrier and make Hive Time pay-what-you-want.

Similarly, Peter has released Hive Time's original soundtrack on Bandcamp under a pay-what-you-want model, with 50% of proceeds supporting the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

We've had a lot of fun working on this little project, and we hope you find something to enjoy in it as well!

- Cheese

Files 88 MB
Version v1.0-0-g775a7160 Dec 12, 2019 89 MB
Version v1.0-0-g775a7160 Dec 12, 2019 89 MB
Version v1.0-0-g775a7160 Dec 12, 2019

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