World Bee Day 2023 & v1.2-138, v1.2-139 changelogs

My 20th is World Bee Day!

As usual, here's a little patch to celebrate with a couple of tweaks and some small content additions!

On the content front, we have 6 new vignettes, some new art for the Gone as quickly as they came event, and a new bee fact.

There are several new chat commands, including !buzz, !role, and !devs, and the !help chat command has been updated to optionally give more detailed information on each available command.

I've added a loading screen when starting a new game or loading an existing one, which replaces the previously blank cream coloured screen that I know made some players a little anxious when loading took longer than they expected.

For technical tweaks, the GLES2 fallback renderer has been re-enabled after it was disabled by accident along with an engine update at some point in the past (apologies to anybody on very old/low end hardware who was negatively affected!). I've also tweaked the default auto latency setting to reduce the likelihood of audio stutters on some systems.


- Cheese

  • Full changelog:
  • Added --skip-pre-instancing launch option
  • Added bee fact #46
  • Added 1 barracks vignette
  • Added 1 generic vignette
  • Added 1 nursery vignette
  • Added 2 throne vignettes
  • Added 1 wax assembler vignette (suggested by joshthenesnerd)
  • Added mood2 substitutions
  • Added game reference substitutions for Octahedrone, and Goop Loop
  • Added Debug::game_vignette()
  • Added 4 new bee fact photos (unused)
  • Added subcommands to !help chat command
  • Added !devs chat command
  • Added queen prefix to chat message when queen is speaking
  • Added 11 buzz songs
  • Added unique event image for 'Gone as quickly as they came'
  • Added !role chat user command
  • Added !buzz chat user command
  • Added Player::get_available_role_names()
  • Added animated loading text to loading screen
  • Added loading font
  • Added debug font previewer
  • Updated bee fact #26
  • Updated rendering settings to allow GLES2 fallback after a Godot update turned it off
  • Updated audio latency to 30ms
  • Updated game substitutions
  • Updated mood substitutions
  • Updated buttom HUD buttons to be responsive when a radial menu is up
  • Updated conga chat command to comment when joining an existing conga line
  • Updated Bee::say() to not bail when message is empty
  • Updated ChatSpeech to hide speech bubble and use buzz sounds when message is empty
  • Updated IRCHander::change_bee_role() to handle explicit role names
  • Updated IRCHandler::activity() to handle buzz action
  • Updated Game::close_menu() to handle unpausing
  • Updated event calls when returning from the MainMenu to be stored and called by Game::close_menu() after loading is completed
  • Refactored Game::close_menu() and Game::load_saved_data() to synchronise with loading animation
  • Refactored MainMenu close handling to trigger after zoom is completed
  • Fixed typo in community settings instructions
  • Fixed typo in constant_save_thumbnail tooltip
  • Fixed typo in bee_move_mode
  • Fixed MiscTransparent material not being pre-instanced
  • Fixed loading screen not being centred at higher resolutions

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Version v1.2-138-g9c4895d9 May 20, 2023

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