v1.2-78 changelog

Buzz buzz!

Today's small patch brings a new Queen hat to celebrate the release of my newest game, Bat Egg.

It also includes a new Throne Room vignette, enables high DPI support, and fixes a small bug when opening the Beepedia from a production cell's info screen.


Full changelog:

  • Upgraded to Godot 3.3.3
  • Added 'too many TLAs' throne vignette
  • Added debug printing for save UI generation
  • Added bat egg nest hat for Queens
  • Updated project to allow high dpi by default
  • Updated credits to include some more Patreon supporter names
  • Fixed chat commander using wrong role names for role commands
  • Fixed production cells having bad Beepedia topic references


hive-time-linux-v1.2.zip 130 MB
Version v1.2-78-g8a85d8f3 Sep 26, 2021
hive-time-mac-v1.2.zip 143 MB
Version v1.2-78-g8a85d8f3 Sep 26, 2021
hive-time-windows-v1.2.zip 129 MB
Version v1.2-78-g8a85d8f3 Sep 26, 2021

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