v1.2-76 & v.12-77 changelog

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Today's patch includes a bunch of cool stuff and misc fixes that didn't quite make it into the recent World Bee Day patch.

This patch initially had a possible crash when viewing the Queen category in the bee list screen in a hive with a past Queen's portrait. This has been hotfixed in v1.2-77. Apologies to anybody affected!

While working on the World Bee Day patch, I'd approached Hive Time's portrait artist Aubrey about doing some more portraits for the game. He was focused on wrapping up the last of the backer rewards for his cool cool game Trackless and things just didn't align, so we let the idea go.

That stuff shipped around the time that I discovered that Hive Time had a couple of vignettes with typos in them that needed fixing, and we ended up deciding to throw some more in. In addition to three new generic portraits, we've added a special portrait for each of the rare queen effects. These all came out great, and I'm super excited to get them into players' hands (or tarsal claws as the case may be).

While waiting for the new portraits to come in, I crossed a few miscellaneous items off my todo list, and found the time to implement a couple of play-requested features. There are a few optimisations hiding in here that may improve performance and reduce shader compilation stuttering on some systems. There's also an engine upgrade hiding in here too.


Full changelog:

  • Upgraded to Godot 3.3.2
  • Added 3 new generic queen portraits
  • Added special portraits for each rare queen effect
  • Added processing for special portraits to be set by vignettes
  • Added processing for special portraits to be set by rare queen effects
  • Added bow queen hat
  • Added specific queen hats for certain custom queen names
  • Added preinstancing for main menu materials
  • Added apply button to bee customisation dialog again
  • Added extend_bee_life chat bee setting for extending chat bees lifespan when they speak, as time passes, or not at all
  • Added new band name substitution
  • Added optional bump/edge panning
  • Added bump_outside setting
  • Added bump_margin setting
  • Added confine_cursor setting
  • Added dev bee for Aubrey
  • Added chat command builder
  • Added show_chat_commands community setting (dev only)
  • Added dev_only processing for settings defs
  • Added mouse exit/enter tracking for game window
  • Added Player::expireActivity()
  • Added destroy_cell_type_punch effect handling
  • Added some logging
  • Updated vignette special portrait handling to skip if any living queen or visible portrait uses that special portrait
  • Updated three stinkbugs portrait to not be included in regular portrait circulation
  • Updated 'No, really' throne vignette to set three stinkbugs portrait
  • Updated beepedia to automatically scroll topic list so that current topic is in view when changing topics or categories
  • Updated beepedia fact source button to copy URL to clipboard when right clicking
  • Updated defender deploy target label to say 'No exits' when no exit cells exist
  • Updated 'Drink responsibly' event image
  • Updated wax_partial_repairs effect to give back 25 wax
  • Updated ordering of effect processing to allow stock_offset to be processed after stock_offset_dynamic
  • Updated destroy_cell_type_punch_multiplier effect processing to skip if no target cells exist
  • Updated vistual effect scripts to not free themselves if forever is true
  • Updated particle base to not free themselves if forever is true
  • Updated default chat bee spawn mode to always
  • Updated chat bee activity notice to be shorter
    Updated chat bee activity notice to mention help command
  • Updated IRC defaults and prefill to use to Libera.Chat
  • Updated IRC handler and player to skip some setup/processing if instantiated from chat command builder in standalone mode
  • Updated chat command defs to include descriptions
  • Updated chat command defs to include value type metadata for commands with required parameters
  • Updated beesitter decline processing to use expireActivity()
  • Updated faster building notification to be expired when using repeat shortcut
  • Updated autosave to use expireActivity() for clearing quicksave notifications
  • Updated preinstancing to use a clear colour coloured mask cube
  • Updated event and vignette text to reduce opportunities for wrapping between icons and terms
  • Updated 'Not quite the best' and 'The best around' vignettes to bold queen name
  • Updated 'Only 90 seconds' vignette text
  • Updated 'Unbecoming' vignette to 'Unbeecoming'
  • Updated worse science event to be a little more dramatic
  • Updated cell construction material allocation to happen when construction progress begins
  • Updated custom queen name trigger for laurel crown
  • Updated custom queen name trigger for bow crown
  • Updated tester credits
  • Refactored substitution for reign_length
  • Refactored IrcHandler::handle_message() to use fewer isMessage checks
  • Refactored old destroy_cell_type_punch effect behaviour into destroy_cell_type_punch_multiplier
  • Optimised nursery progress ring shader
  • Optimised workshop progress ring shader
  • Optimised barracks progress ring shader
  • Optimised defence screen processing by caching colour definitions
  • Optimised defence screen processing by preventing drawing of hidden layers
  • Optimised initial settings load/save slightly
  • Removed explicit names from bee tween nodes
  • Removed some extraneous logging
  • Fixed possible crash when loading a save with in-progress construction
  • Fixed pooled bee instance's portraits not getting cleared
  • Fixed possible crash when spawning a chat bee in automatic mode before a game has been started or loaded
  • Fixed hidden debug GUI capturing mouse input on the left edge of the screen
  • Fixed constant save thumbnail setting not being saved to config file on change
  • Fixed music chat command not finding tracks in release builds
  • Fixed special bees getting chat bee lifespan boost
  • Fixed chat bee blacklist speech message not being used when chatName has mixed case
  • Fixed chat trail being lost when saving be hat, role, or name customisation
  • Fixed bee list ban button not killing banned bees
  • Fixed chat bees' first messages being spoken when they are commands or votes
  • Fixed bee customistion dialog buttons taking focus
  • Fixed bee customistion dialog using default tooltips
  • Fixed bee customistion reset button not updating hat or effect text
  • Fixed bee customistion reset button not updating visual representation
  • Fixed subtitutions with null bees not substituting bee_effects
  • Fixed vignette frequency being too high
  • Fixed bad substitution in 'Biding time' generic vignette
  • Fixed bad substitution in 'It helps give a rhythm' honey refinery vignette
  • Fixed typo in 'You go girl' throne vignette
  • Fixed 'Midlife crisis' event not using queen substitution
  • Fixed activity substitution not using resource substitution
  • Fixed past queen's role being loaded from saves as a float
  • Fixed 'Wasp attack' event conditions checking for any unprotected cells instead of any unprotected nectar cells
  • Fixed bad science event providing wrong effect
  • Fixed research effect not being preinstanced correctly
  • Fixed construction effect not being preinstanced correctly
  • Fixed bee spawn effect not being preinstanced correctly
  • Fixed bee death effect not being preinstanced correctly
  • Fixed cell destruction effect not being preinstanced correctly
  • Fixed resource particle effects not being preinstanced correctly
  • Fixed visual effects not being preinstanced correctly
  • Fixed left clicking the tutorial icon not putting the current tutorial at the front of the special event queue
  • Fixed crash when viewing Queens in the bee list in a hive with a past queen portrait
  • Fixed case where stale bee names could be visible in the bee list when no bees of the current category are alive
  • Fixed research item names potentially being repeated in the new research notification text


hive-time-linux-v1.2.zip 130 MB
Version v1.2-76-g710a3328 Jun 05, 2021
hive-time-mac-v1.2.zip 143 MB
Version v1.2-76-g710a3328 Jun 05, 2021
hive-time-windows-v1.2.zip 129 MB
Version v1.2-76-g710a3328 Jun 05, 2021

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