v1.2-23 changelog & new trailer

Greetings, fellow friends-to-bees!

One last patch to close the year out, and this one comes with a new trailer!

I had the idea for this trailer before what would eventually be the Hiveversary Update Trailer, but it didn't make sense to lead with that for something that should be more focused on the game's birthday. Chat integration also isn't exciting or important to all players, making this even less of a good fit for the kind of broad-reaching additions, fixes, and tweaks that the Hiveversary Update brought. It is valuable to some though, and I'm glad to have found time to make something that specifically addresses it!

Today's patch mostly focuses on quality-of-life fixes, but there is one notable new feature - a Bee List screen accessible from the Throne Room, which shows the hive's entire population broken down into a couple of categories. It's not particularly useful for navigating the constantly fluctuating population of regular bees on a medium sized hive, but it is perfect for keeping track of chat bees and special bees, as well as exposing the entire lineage of past and present Queens.

There are also a couple of optimisations that may make a difference to large hives on some systems. Construction indicators are now cached and pooled, so in most cases, pauses when construction begins on a cell should be entirely eliminated. Chat bee speech bubbles now reliably point in the right right direction. Save names shouldn't end up with _quicksave_quicksave_quicksave on the end after manually saving and loading quick saves a few times.

It's not all fixes though! There's a new Find Your Own Fun option allowing the first Queen's name to be customised before the game begins. A whole bunch of new names have been added to the name pool. There's even a new vinehopper fact, and it's about secretions.

Hive Time's come a long way during its first post-release year. I hope that it has been enjoyable for everybody, and that you all find reasons for joy, wonder, and healthy bumbling in 2021.

Buzz buzz 🖤

Full changelog

  • Added bee list Beepedia topic
  • Added angled scrollbar for bee list management screen
  • Added bee list management screen to Throne
  • Added some new bee names
  • Added custom queen name FYOF option
  • Added dropdown icon and option list styling for main menu option buttons
  • Added resource pause icons to HUD for production pause and no foraging zone states
  • Added newlines to resource tooltips
  • Added vignette dev command
  • Added music dev command
  • Added say_message() fallback when say_bee_message() for a dev bee fails
  • Added alternative version notice when current version number is greater than remote version number
  • Added alternative version notice when running test builds
  • Added make_way_for_bee() call when spawning a new Queen
  • Added nectar and pollen to production mappings as coming from Exits
  • Added polling for construction progress materials (currently pre-instancing and pooling 40 instances)
  • Added clean_up() function for clearing lingering references
  • Added placeholder chat bee dialogue sounds
  • Added Debug::trailer5()
  • Added portrait small icon
  • Added queen dead small icon
  • Added vinehopper fact #3
  • Updated vinehopper fact #2 image
  • Updated a bunch of reference lists and scene references to be const in bee, cell, and player
  • Updated Camera::follow_bee() to take a target zoom
  • Updated Beepedia::handle_url_click() to show category if topic is not present
  • Updated Bee::say() to take a speech bubble orientation parameter for trailer 5
  • Updated Bee::say() to clear existing speech bubble when message is empty
  • Updated ChatSpeech::update_chat_position() to use offset from bee origin rather than detailsAttachment
  • Removed some extraneous logging
  • Refactored construction effects to reside in and be handled by currentHex instance
  • Refactored research effects to reside in and be handled by currentHex instance
  • Refacroted currentHex assignement and freeing into Cell::set_current_hex() and Cell::clear_current_hex()
  • Refactored music player to use a DEFAULT_MUSIC_PATH constant
  • Refactored vignette activation
  • Refactored Bee::acquire_bee_sound() to be more self-contained
  • Refactored Debug::do_sequenced_events() into multiple functons
  • Refactored camera rotation calculation to use rotationMin and rotationMax rather than hardcoded values
  • Optimised bee exit use tracking a little
  • Optimised cell processing slightly
  • Fixed gift voting UI capturing mouse input events
  • Fixed queen name substitutions not behaving for ghost queens
  • Fixed leaked hat instance when getting next hat name during text subsitution
  • Fixed Builders returning to workshop instead of heading to next construction site when enroute to a construction site that has finished building
  • Fixed bee distance travelled calculation occurring when distance is zero
  • Fixed say_message() not ignoring username case
  • Fixed queen cost not applying when the current queen population is zero
  • Fixed pre-isntancing not happening when loading a hive
  • Fixed visible backfaces on queen bowler hat
  • Fixed bees not acquiring new sounds after being pooled
  • Fixed a case where bees without chat names being registered as chat bees on load
  • Fixed feminine names FYOF setting not being respected when loading a saved game
  • Fixed possible case where research and construction particle effects were not being pre-instanced
  • Fixed pre-instancing of research and construction effects not applying correctly
  • Fixed past queens not having chatName property
  • Fixed pre-instancing not clearing cell area nodes properly
  • Fixed crash when setting research outside of the research menu
  • Fixed currentSaveName not clearing _quicksave and _lastsave from save names when loading
  • Fixed all chat bubbles using the same background regardless of position


hive-time-linux-v1.2.zip 130 MB
Version v1.2-23-g7a78aa71 Dec 31, 2020
hive-time-mac-v1.2.zip 143 MB
Version v1.2-23-g7a78aa71 Dec 31, 2020
hive-time-windows-v1.2.zip 129 MB
Version v1.2-23-g7a78aa71 Dec 31, 2020

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