2019-08-03 (preview-77)

Hi hi hi hi!

The big change in todays update is additional checks for workers before they start production. Previously, if resource levels were below capacity, workers would rush to start producing more regardless of whether another worker was already producing enough to fill that resource up to storage capacity. Since 9 bees can work any given production facility at a time, that was resulting in up to 179 honey being wasted when filling up jelly stores (not to mention pollen and nectar).

This fix should have a pretty dramatic impact on resource dynamics, particularly how many foragers it takes to keep up with production in the mid to late game.

Today's update also adds a couple of new event music tracks from Peter, one for when your last Queen dies, and another for when those slug outlaws come to visit.


Full changelog:

  • Added gameover event music
  • Added waspsarecops event music
  • Added outlaw slug event/activity images
  • Added building requirement check when setting up construction options in radial menus (eg: prevents researched items that require an upgraded workshop from being built if there are no longer any upgraded workshops)
  • Added further checks to prevent workers from working at production facilities if other workers are already producing resources enough to fill storage (prevents significant wastage when stores are nearly full)Fixed workers staying for production length when they've decided to not work a production facility
  • Refactored harvest quantity handling
  • Fixed completed research getting a paused overlay if research menu is open when research completes


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Version preview-77-gd8b5e412 Aug 03, 2019
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Version preview-77-gd8b5e412 Aug 03, 2019
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Version preview-77-gd8b5e412 Aug 03, 2019

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