2019-05-21 Build (preview-20)

Hello, bee friends!

A small update today with a couple of changes. The two biggest ones that will affect gameplay are that the cell pattern for Honey Refineries has changed (the Jelly Refinery hasn't been updated yet, but my plan is to shift it too so that the tile you click on is always the "middle" most tile vertically), and that the honey costs for producing jelly and constructing jelly storage have been lowered slightly.

This update also brings in the first building animations. The Honey Refinery now opens and closes to reflect paused/resumed state (which is less broken in general now), and there's a subtle "pumping" animation that you might notice when zoomed in.

If you missed it, yesterday was World Bee Day, and I streamed a Hive Time run as well as a little bit of debugging and animation work. There's an archive over here.

Full changelog:

  • Added pause, resume, and production animations to honey refinery
  • Added a bunch of new names
  • Added extra logging for radial menus' repeat action shortcut (shift)
  • Added construction/welcome tutorial screen
  • Added queen death event when it's not the last queen
  • Updated tutorial text to reflect new UI
  • Updated honey refinery cell layout to put 'origin' cell in the 'middle'
  • Updated minimum hive size for Old Bitey from 8 to 30
  • Updated some film names
  • Updated jelly storage construction cost to require less honey
  • Updated jelly production cost to require less honey
  • Fixed bad room requirements for 'Ticket to ride' event
  • Fixed typo in 'This just in' event
  • Fixed a typo in no inventory strings
  • Fixed possible crash when building a storage room on a cell that was previously destroyed
  • Fixed bad map room identifier in event condition handler
  • Removed special tab from population menu


hive-time-linux-preview.zip 87 MB
Version preview-20-g844d344d May 21, 2019
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Version preview-20-g844d344d May 21, 2019
hive-time-windows-preview.zip 85 MB
Version preview-20-g844d344d May 21, 2019

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