2019-05-20 Build (preview-17)

Here it is! The big change I've been holding off on doing until I knew I had a good block of time to do it. We now have the radial context menus for cells that I'd envisioned the game having at the start of our little jam just shy of one month ago.

This has allowed me to pull out most of the placeholder UI, which means that there are some changes to how the game feels and handles.

  • I'd always imagined placing cells to be something that you do with slow consideration at points when you're ready for your hive to grow. After watching play sessions (and playing myself), I've found that it's satisfying to plonk down a bunch at once. With this in mind, I've added a shortcut (Shift) that will allow you to repeat the last radial menu command, which should work for building, destroying, and even bringing up info prompts.
  • Cell allocations for rooms is no longer on the cursor. It's not in the "costs" pop-up that appears when you mouse over a build item in a radial menu. Cells that are not available for building are coloured red, so this is a lot more readable now.
  • Construction costs and refunds are now displayed in the "costs" pop-up that appears when you mouse over a build item. No more waiting for tooltips! The resources that you can't afford are coloured red, which makes that a lot more readable too.

There's still a bit more work to do on UI stuff, but I'm keen to hear how this new stuff feels for you before I push too much further along.

This update also breaks save games. For future updates, I'll do my best to avoid it, but some oversights in the previous build made it hard to avoid this time around. I could invest time in building a robust data file versioning system like I've done for Icicle, but I have less time to allocate to this project, and its scope is smaller so much that I'd have a hard time justifying the extra work anyway.

If anybody needs their hive, shoot me through your save and I'll fix it up manually.


Full changelog:

  • Added radial context menu for cells
  • Added shortcut (Shift) for repeating last build action (must be held down before selecting previous action)
  • Added more "nothing" strings for bees not carrying anything
  • Added resource icons to bee details pop-up
  • Added shortcut (Home) for returning to the initial camera zoom/position
  • Added support for HUD elements to retain 3D position when zooming/panning
  • Added info events for all buildings
  • Added building cost icons/values to construction menu
  • Added a bunch more names
  • Removed old construction menu button
  • Removed old population menu button
  • Removed build allocation indicators from mouse cursor
  • Fixed bee details pop-up position being set before bee is scaled
  • Fixed possible crash when saving a bee that has wound up with a bad target
  • Fixed camera translations not being converted into local space before being applied
  • Fixed event/tutorial/vignette images not being loaded
  • Fixed left event/tutorial/vignette button being clickable even when it's not visible (for sure this time)
  • Fixed cells eating mouse events when they shouldn't be
  • Fixed queen being spawnable without having enough resources
  • Fixed a typo in 'That's heavy' vignette reported by Clipsey
  • Fixed possible crash when loading a save that includes a lost bee
  • Adjusted activity strings to better fit in bee details pop-up
  • Adjusted bee wing material to be less reflective and more transparent
  • Adjusted bee carapace/eye material to be less reflective
  • Updated save code to produce less jsoned json


hive-time-linux-preview.zip 87 MB
Version preview-17-gbc12a377 May 19, 2019
hive-time-mac-preview.zip 88 MB
Version preview-17-gbc12a377 May 19, 2019
hive-time-windows-preview.zip 85 MB
Version preview-17-gbc12a377 May 19, 2019

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