2019-05-11 Preview Patch 2

Another small patch for today. This should resolve crashes caused when destroying multi cell buildings, and when events (like Bear Attack) cause multi cell buildings to be destroyed.

I've also added a new HUD element that shows progress towards the jelly needed to spawn a new Queen, as well as two new events that mark milestones in the current Queen's age.

Beesitters finally have their purple bandannas now, replacing their placeholder white nurse hats.

Full changelog is here:

  • Added some new names
  • Added queen mid life event
  • Added queen twilight event (one minute out from death)
  • Added new Beesitter hat
  • Tweaked wording of new tutorial screens
  • Added queen jelly target progress bar to HUD
  • Fixed some potential crashes when deleting multi cell objects (includes Bear Attack and Worse Science events)
  • Fixed some potential crashes when a bee's target cell is deleted
  • Fixed some potential issues when freeing dead bees


hive-time_preview_linux.tar.gz 17 MB
May 11, 2019
hive_time_preview_mac.zip 17 MB
May 11, 2019
hive-time_preview_windows.zip 15 MB
May 11, 2019

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