2019-05-11 Preview Patch

Hello, bee friends!

A small Hive Time update today with a new HUD, some extra tutorials, and a bunch of misc fixes. Note that costs for producing Wax, Honey and Jelly are now exposed as tooltips when mousing over the icons for each in the HUD (not final, but should get you by for now).

This build is a debug build, so if you're experiencing crashes, we might be able to get more details on what's going on (as always, email me at cheese@twolofbees.com)

I'm also currently accepting bee name suggestions (these will appear in vignettes). You can submit them via this form: https://forms.gle/uBoXCUFfBM2q8xdT7

Full changelog is here:

  • Added new tutorials to better cover population and cell slot mechanics
  • Added new HUD
  • Added population role HUD
  • Added role description tooltips to role sliders
  • Added production costs to tooltips for wax, honey and jelly
  • Added keyboard controls for camera zooming and panning
  • Added cheat for forcing next vignette (V)
  • Added cheat for forcing next bee (N)
  • Enabled logging (haven't really looked into where this goes - best guess is that it's ~/hive-time/)
  • Removed scale from cell pop in/out effect
  • Fixed honey and jelly pause buttons updating the wrong button labels
  • Fixed role sliders not being locked when the last building for that role is deleted
  • Fixed indicators for role population limits and resource limits not updating immediately when construction is complete
  • Fixed throne being destructable with destroy tool
  • Fixed population and resource limits being decremented when in-construction cells are destroyed
  • Fixed capitalisation of Queen in events/vignettes
  • Fixed some typos in events/vignettes
  • Fixed mouse down events being passed through to vignette buttons when clicking on cells in the button's future position


hive-time_preview_linux.tar.gz 18 MB
May 10, 2019
hive_time_preview_mac.x86_64.zip 18 MB
May 10, 2019
hive-time_preview_windows.zip 15 MB
May 10, 2019

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