v1.2-41 changelog

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Today brings a fairly hefty patch full of misc tweaks and fixes.

I've updated the presentation of Queen effects (from the Royal Decrees upgrade) a little bit. Once a Queen with effects has been spawned, you can now view her effects by selecting the Decrees option when clicking on her in Inspect Mode, or by clicking on her lifespan icon down in the bottom right.

When viewing a past Queen's portrait, any effects she had will now be visible there too.

There are some new settings for chat bees. They can now be configured to spawn automatically any time a chat user without a bee allocated speaks (so long as the special bee limit allows), which seems to be what most people who've streamed Hive Time would prefer!

Speaking of chat, if you're interested, here are some slides from a talk I gave on Hive Time's chat integration, looking at the games I drew inspiration on, how I decided what I wanted to add, and how I went about implementing it all.

The game will now show activity notications if a player happens to use up all their wax before they've constructed an exit, letting them know that they can reclaim some resources by destroying cells. It'll also show an activity notification reminding a player that the repeat build shortcut exists if they've done the same action more than three times in a row.

The tutorial chain can now be restarted from any past tutorial from the Beepedia, allowing anybody who accidentally dismisses the tutorial or wants to go back and work through the opportunity to get back into it.

There's also a new Beepedia entry that provides some prompts for player-set goals. Can you make a sustainable hive without any two cells of the same type touching? That means only Workshops can be upgraded!

So far as balancing goes, the Wax Audit event chain has been updated to require less Wax and give players a little longer to produce it. The Bear attack event chain has also been extended to give players a little more time to prepare for Old Bitey.

There's also a bunch of small bug fixes, including a couple of crash edge cases - apologies to anybody who had a vignette appear on an under-construction cell when it finished building!


Full changelog:

  • Added repeat build shortcut reminder activity notification when the same build commnd is executed manually three times in row
  • Added destruction reminder activity notification when player has no wax and no exits
  • Added interface setting for suppressing new beepedia topic unlock notifications
  • Added tutorial, cell info, and portrait badge icons to relevant events
  • Added chat_bees spawn mode setting (Off, Normal, Manual, Always)
  • Added chat trail to regular bee effect list for chat bees
  • Added config format handler for updating chat_bees and chat_bee_dialogue settings based on pre-v1.2-29 config files
  • Added skip_music_gaps setting
  • Added !version dev chat command
  • Added a facility substitution
  • Added a new Queen hat
  • Added category property to frequent, disaster, and regular events
  • Added construction activity icon
  • Added DebugStuff::showcase_sibmission()
  • Added decree activity icon
  • Added Decrees radial menu option when inspecting a Queen with effects
    Added Player::show_bee_decrees()
  • Added Queen decree summary event
  • Added substution processing for bee_effects
  • Added emphasis handling to settings UI generation
  • Added emphasis to community settings show_instructons button
  • Added 'For your consideration vignette'
  • Added 'gift voting' label to gift voting UI
  • Added new supporter name to credits
  • Added 'Now What?' hint/tips beepedia topic
  • Added oldest_queen_name to process_substitutions()
  • Added option for disabling custom cursor
  • Added Player::get_event_by_category()
  • Added Player::Multiplier enum for cost/refund multipliers
  • Added Player::process_limited_substitutions() for populating effect constants
  • Added reset_research_category effect
  • Added Game::resetTutorial()
  • Added reset from here button to beepedia tutorial entries when not in an event
  • Added runtime insertion of event_type to tutorial, cell info, and portrait events
  • Added small bold font
  • Added some new credits names
  • Updated Wax Audit to require less wax
  • Updated Wax Audit timer to 180 seconds
  • Updated Something Furry This Way Comes timer to 180 seconds
  • Updated chat instructions to reflect chat_bee and chat_bee_dialogue settings
  • Updated default chat bee lifespan to be longer
  • Updated special_bee_dialogue setting to chat_bee_dialogue
  • Updated decree research description to be more vague about effects
  • Updated decree research icon
  • Updated portrait event to include details of past queen effects
  • Updated 'After all these years' event to explicitly name the departing queen
  • Updated 'A new Queen arises' event to clearify role of new hive choice
  • Updated 'A new Queen arises' event to prevent wrapped scrolling with long Queen names
  • Updated effect and activity titles to use process_limited_substitutions()
  • Updated frequent event category effect to make those events more frequent
  • Updated pause_game() to call update_follow_visibility()
  • Updated setting dropdown labels to expand horizontally and right align dropdown widget
  • Updated event handling to track type/source and not allow cancel shortcut for tutorial events
  • Updated tutorial_09_jelly to mention beepedia
  • Updated tutorial activity notifications to mention Beepedia
  • Updated bees Beepedia topic to refer to 'the hive; rather than 'your hive'
  • Refactored bee old age processing to handle skipping old age death
  • Refactored bee pausing
  • Refactored beesitter notice activity extending into extendOrMakeActivity()
  • Refactored calculate_effeciencies() and calculate_harvest_multipliers() into calculate_ongoing_effects()
  • Refactored construction cost processing to use cached multiplier
  • Refactored dropdown setting handler to be setting agnostic
  • Refactored EventSource enum to be EventType
  • Refactored special_bee_names into chat_bees' off value
  • Refactored manual_chat_bees into chat_bees' manual value
  • Refactored Player::handleNextEvent() to call separate functions for frequent, disaster, and special events
  • Refactored refund processing to use cached multiplier
  • Refactored research cost processing to use cached multiplier
  • Optimised processing of bee distance travelled (now uses smaller units)
  • Optimised resarch menu processing by caching Player reference
  • Removed some extraneous logging
  • Fixed bee customisation effect list parsing scenes for hat names?
  • Fixed bee customisation screen showing "unknown" for bees without trails
  • Fixed bees not resetting their isReady status when dying
  • Fixed can_afford() calls for construction and research using wrong parameter ordering
  • Fixed chat bee allocations not carrying between case sensitive and case insensitive platforms
  • Fixed chat bees spawning unpaused when paused
  • Fixed chat bees talking when they're dead
  • Fixed top left chat bubble background using the wrong image
  • Fixed existing custom Queen name being reused when custom queen name is empty on starting a new hive while a hive is already in progress
  • Fixed get_effect_descriptions() not respecting darkBG
  • Fixed immediate follow up events from effects with 0 duration not pausing the game properly
  • Fixed isGamePaused not always getting set when leaving Beepedia or responding to an event
  • Fixed lifespan change activity notifications showing when effects have changed no spawned bees' lifespans
  • Fixed logging when unable to make screenshot folder referring to save folder
  • Fixed order of bindings loading after reset
  • Fixed snail_monks2 not having Beepedia topic reference
  • Fixed trailing newlines on the end of 'resources disappearing' beepedia topic
  • Fixed trailing newlines on the end of 'what now' beepedia topic
  • Fixed typo in beepedia welcome topic link substitution
  • Fixed crash when loading a save with in-progress research
  • Fixed possible crash when trying to stop effect on a cell that hasn't yet updated hexStuff
  • Fixed possible crash where vigentte could end up selected as hexStuff for cell


hive-time-linux-v1.2.zip 130 MB
Version v1.2-41-g6d3d6d30 Mar 16, 2021
hive-time-mac-v1.2.zip 143 MB
Version v1.2-41-g6d3d6d30 Mar 16, 2021
hive-time-windows-v1.2.zip 129 MB
Version v1.2-41-g6d3d6d30 Mar 16, 2021

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