v1.2-26 changelog

Greetings, fellow bee friends!

Today's patch includes a fix for a crash that could occur during cells destruction in some cases that was introduced in v1.2-23. Apologies to anybody negatively affected by it!

Also included are gift voting options for "narrow" and "wide" bees, as well as a few misc fixes.


Full changelog

  • Added narrow_bees and wide_bees gift voting options
  • Added narrow_bees, wide_bees and reset_bee_width effects
  • Added IRCHanlder::narrow_bee()
  • Added unforgiving_game_over event condition
  • Updated destroy radial menu shortcut to be X
  • Updated 'Twilight years' event to use Queen's name
  • Refactored Bee::apply_temp_scale() to optionally take a Vector3
  • Refactored Bee::apply_temp_scale() to optionally take a Vector3
  • Refactored IRCHandler::resize_bee() to optionally take a Vector3
  • Refactored game over event to be more clear about being able to continue playing
  • Fixed typo in 'Tools, tools everywhere' building info event
  • Fixed dev chat bees not linking up after loading a save
  • Fixed possible crash when reset_hex() is called on an empty cell (use case was disconnected workshops being destroyed to empty then to nothing by disconnection)
  • Fixed Bee List scrollbar position getting funky when not running at default window size
  • Fixed good values being used for defender and forager efficiency offsets in bad queen effect list


hive-time-linux-v1.2.zip 129 MB
Version v1.2-26-g6ca9a838 Jan 05, 2021
hive-time-mac-v1.2.zip 142 MB
Version v1.2-26-g6ca9a838 Jan 05, 2021
hive-time-windows-v1.2.zip 128 MB
Version v1.2-26-g6ca9a838 Jan 05, 2021

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I have seen this game on YouTube once or twice, and was very interested in actually getting my hands on it at that time, but was not in a position to acquire it... I did not have a computer at the time. But now I do! and also seeing that you are accepting 
"Pay what you want" as the price, I knew I finally have my opportunity to play this game. Sadly, at this time I have to opt for the 'no thanks' option before downloading, but I Will be back to show my support once I can. 

I have recently begun learning unity in all of it's complexity, so I understand the effort that is being put into something like this with such a small team. I hope to get to your current level and beyond in the game dev world. 

Thank you for doing what you do and I look forward to seeing what else comes in the future! 

P.S if you need any kind of assistance coding or etc, I would be glad to help, and would appreciate the opportunity to work on something more than the wild ideas I already have.

Hi! Thanks for your kind words. No stress on having to pay later - Hive Time isn't going anywhere, and  as much as I need to eat, I can't begrudge anybody from being careful with their money in this time.

Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to bring on new collaborators for any projects at this time, but best of luck with your projects!