v1.0-15 changelog

Here comes a Hive Time update!

Today's update adds a little prompt to get people interacting with bees when in Inspect Mode (to help avoid the assumption that it's just for pausing), which also provides some details on the current bee when using follow cam (handy for spotting when you're following a bee that's outside the hive!).

The default shortcut has been changed to P, since it seems that on some systems, the Print Screen event was being gobbled up at the OS level before the game could capture it.

I've also made some changes to how "big screenshots" (which are taken automatically every time you send a new Queen off to start a new hive and can be triggered manually by holding down the repeat build shortcut when taking an in-game screenshot) work. They now save a 2500x2500 pixel image positioned to show the entire playspace. It nicely captures big sprawling hives, and also highlights the space-efficiency of smaller hives.

Providing there aren't any crazy bugs that need fixing, this will likely be the last Hive Time patch for the year. Moving into 2020, we'll be giving more attention to larger scope updates. You can read about our plans (subject to change) over here.

Enjoy and have a wonderful end to 2019!

Full changelog:

  • Added interface setting for disabling inspect prompt/follow cam text
  • Added prompt for mousing over bees when in inspect mode
  • Added bee name and activity text when using follow cam
  • Added logging for failing valid instance checks when processing nursery, construction, and research progress
  • Added further logging when crashes are detected
  • Added more logging for font loading
  • Refactored queen portrait handling
  • Updated activity string for foraging bees
  • Updated logging of events to increase logging reliability in the event of a game crash
  • Updated beesitter decline activity notification
  • Updated departing Queen to visually leave the hive for old_queen_gone event
  • Updated big screenshot to be properly centered on the playspace
  • Updated big screenshot to save a 2500x2500px image
  • Updated cost panel space allocation indicator to use blue to indicate buildable cells
  • Updated default screenshot bindings to P
  • Fixed trailing commas on resource production costs in HUD tooltips
  • Fixed trailing commas in event text on cost lists that have a cooldown
  • Fixed bees with LEAVE_AND_DIE activity getting stuck in a paused state when setting activity
  • Fixed exit_turn_hack not consistently being cleared when bees are returning to the hive via unusual means
  • Fixed possible crash when starting a new hive if a bee manages to add itself to a cell's list of bees between the new cell being created and the bee being destroyed


hive-time-linux-v1.0.zip 89 MB
Version v1.0-15-g99b971b6 Dec 28, 2019
hive-time-mac-v1.0.zip 89 MB
Version v1.0-15-g99b971b6 Dec 28, 2019
hive-time-windows-v1.0.zip 88 MB
Version v1.0-15-g99b971b6 Dec 28, 2019

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