v1.0-2 changelog

Greetings, fellow bee friends!

A small update today with some misc tweaks. The most noteworthy of which is a confirmation prompt when deleting or overwriting saves. Currently it's a bit quick and dirty, but I'll pretty it up in a later build.


Full changelog:

  • Added confirmation popup when deleting saves
  • Added confirmation popup when overwriting saves
  • Added notice to effect details popup when effect is effectless
  • Updated behaviour of overwrite button on save screen to not require clicking save button
  • Updated delete save button to be a little more readable
  • Updated save button on save screen to check for existing files with the current save name
  • Updated Queen effect details popup to be big enough to hold three different types of effects
  • Updated layout of logo screen and restored previously hidden image slots
  • Updated size of event buttons to better hold longer text
  • Removed some extraneous logging


hive-time-linux-v1.0.zip 89 MB
Version v1.0-2-g25aca123 Dec 13, 2019
hive-time-mac-v1.0.zip 89 MB
Version v1.0-2-g25aca123 Dec 13, 2019
hive-time-windows-v1.0.zip 88 MB
Version v1.0-2-g25aca123 Dec 13, 2019

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