2019-12-07 (preview-188)

It's time once again for another Hive Time update!

I spent the couple of days travelling and used the time I wasn't driving to address some small scope/quality of life issues.

The most immediately obvious one is a new tutorial event that sits between the Wax Assembler tutorial and the Nursery tutorial. This introduces the game's five resource types along with their icons, and touches on where they come from. I've also updated all tutorial events and building info events to show resource icons next to resource names to help make the association easier to latch onto.

I've popped in a number of new activity notifications for various new functionality that is enabled by upgraded cells. I'm hopeful that this will make it harder to overlook reserve sliders, manual production priority control, and pollination. In addition to that, I've added activity notifications for when foraging zone blooms appear/are exhausted.

Last, but not least, gesture input (which is pretty much just Mac touchpads) has had a bit of tweaking to make sensitivities more sensible after recent changes to panning and zooming.


Full changelog:

  • Added resources tutorial event
  • Added some sanity checks to prevent menu actions on invalid bees or cells from causing crashes (shouldn't happen in live builds)
  • Added click functionality to cell screen icons to zoom on a random cell of the relevant type
  • Added activity notification when a bloom occurs in an explored foraging zone
  • Added activity notification when pollination becomes available
  • Added activity notification when production priority slider becomes available
  • Added activity notification when resource reserve sliders become available
  • Added current value indicator to settings menu fields that use sliders
  • Added max_available_storage condition
  • Added activity icon for pollination becoming enabled
  • Added activity icon for reserve slider becoming enabled
  • Added activity icon for production priority slider becoming enabled
  • Added icon for foraging zone bloom and bloom depletion
  • Refactored resource substitution for event text (unused)
  • Refactored bee sound limit to be accessible before player node is ready
  • Replaced resource names with icon+name substitions in tutorials and building info events
  • Updated sensitivity of gesture zooming
  • Updated sensitivity of gesture panning
  • Updated zoom tilt to avoid exposing the bottom of exit cells
  • Updated research/work tutorial activity notification text to mention the three bees per cell rule
  • Updated cops pose activity icon
  • Fixed research item positions retaining 'blink' state when switching research categories while dimmed
  • Fixed in-world vignette balloon not being closed on leave_menu action
  • Fixed left event button responding to mouse over events when disabled


hive-time-linux-preview.zip 87 MB
Version preview-188-g5671b086 Dec 07, 2019
hive-time-mac-preview.zip 88 MB
Version preview-188-g5671b086 Dec 07, 2019
hive-time-windows-preview.zip 85 MB
Version preview-188-g5671b086 Dec 07, 2019

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