2019-11-29 (preview-181)

Buzz buzz!

Today's update brings conflict warnings to Binder, and further implementation of InputMap actions across the game. At the moment, the population, defence, production, activity, resources, research, and foraging screens don't respect the "select" action, but I'll get to that in a future update.

Other than that, you're free to effectively rebind what was left click to any other button and have that behave correctly everywhere outside the main menu (to avoid people getting stuck and not being able to fix binding mistakes, I don't think I'm going to allow rebinding the menu controls). This is pretty exciting!

There are also a bunch of other minor changes, including a revamp of how camera panning works. Previously, I was doing some calculations based off camera zoom level, with the idea being that when you're zoomed in, you want to pan slow, and when you're zoomed out, you want to pan fast.

In theory, this is fine, but it's also important for the distance to feel consistent with mouse movement. It turns out my initial implementation was a bit off, with the playspace moving faster than expected under the cursor when zoomed all the way out. This wasn't super noticeable when playing windowed (which I generally do), but when playing fullscreen (as someone testing the game pointed out to me yesterday), it felt pretty off.

Now the game uses Camera.project_position() to work out exactly how many 3D in-world units the number of pixels that the mouse has moved represents, and pans by that amount, giving consistency at every scale. Huzzah!


Full changelog:

  • Added Hive Time icons for Binder buttons
  • Added custom button text and icon support to Binder
  • Added binding conflict notification to Binder
  • Added negative colouring for actions with no/conflicting bindings to Binder
  • Added custom mouse_entered signal handling to Binder
  • Added reset option update_bindings() in Binder for resetting all bindings to default
  • Added mouse over sound to Binder buttons
  • Added sound effect for completed research
  • Added bindable show_shortcuts action (default Alt)
  • Added 'No saves found' text to load menu when no saves are present
  • Refactored mouse button naming in Binder
  • Refactored binding string representations in Binder
  • Removed newline from Grid info radial menu option
  • Updated birds_and_crickets_loop to be less noisy and reenabled it in the ambient sound pool
  • Updated layout of Binder confirm and cancel buttons
  • Updated Binder to not duplicate action_list when set
  • Updated vignettes to use InputMap actions
  • Updated events to use InputMap actions
  • Updated cells to use InputMap actions
  • Updated bees to use InputMap actions
  • Updated radial menus to use InputMap actions
  • Updated activity indicators to use InputMap actions
  • Updated camera handler to pan based on projected distance of cursor movement rather than multiplied by camera zoom for gesture panning and mouse panning
  • Updated margins and ordering of stuff in controls settings
  • Fixed missing space in target deployed defenders
  • Fixed production facilities playing pause animations when already paused any time a bee leaves
  • Fixed scrollable area for 2D widgets in main menu not resizing correctly when transitioning from fullscreen to windowed mode
  • Fixed barracks cell coverage not catching the top row or the left most column of the play space


hive-time-linux-preview.zip 87 MB
Version preview-181-gea1c997b Nov 29, 2019
hive-time-mac-preview.zip 88 MB
Version preview-181-gea1c997b Nov 29, 2019
hive-time-windows-preview.zip 85 MB
Version preview-181-gea1c997b Nov 29, 2019

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