2019-11-25 (preview-178)

Good evening, fellow bee friends!

Today's update brings in a new camera option that tilts the camera as it zooms in, getting up close and personal with bees and giving a better view of their hats (some of which need realignment now!).

There are a few other miscellaneous changes, but nothing particularly noteworthy aside from a fix for a possible crash when saving via the main menu. Today's been mostly spent getting the new Hive Time press kit and @Hive_Time Twitter account put together. Both always seem to eat up a lot more time than they need to, but they're done now (for Hive Time) at least, which gets things ready for the upcoming release date announcement. Exciting times!


Full changelog:

  • Added some new bee names
  • Added camera tilt when zoomed in
  • Added tilt when zoomed to video settings
  • Refactored camera handling
  • Replaced occurrences of 'everybody' with 'everybee' in vignettes
  • Updated depth of field thresholds
  • Updated quotes for consistency in events
  • Fixed grid tiles sometimes lingering when destroying disconnected cells
  • Fixed population slider unlock notifications not pointing at nursery cells
  • Fixed destroy repeat shortcut triggering destroy sounds when attempting to delete grid tiles or throne room
  • Fixed crash when saving via the main menu


hive-time-linux-preview.zip 87 MB
Version preview-178-g1630ee65 Nov 25, 2019
hive-time-mac-preview.zip 88 MB
Version preview-178-g1630ee65 Nov 25, 2019
hive-time-windows-preview.zip 85 MB
Version preview-178-g1630ee65 Nov 25, 2019

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