2019-11-04 (preview-150)

Hi friends!

Today's update brings in some changes to the event handling system, giving it more granular control over how frequently certain types of events occur. This should increase the frequency that wasps, ninja fruit flies and Old Bitey show up, which in turn raises the relevance of hive defence.

This builds on top of several big changes to events, and enables things like the new Old Bitey event, where an event that warns players that Old Bitey is coming fires first, creating an effect that counts down until Old Bitey actually arrives. For a potentially catastrophic event like this one, giving players a grace period/time to prepare has been something I've been moving toward for a long time.

Being able to trigger events immediately after a set duration or immediately after some conditions are met (whether visible to the player or not) gives me a whole lot more flexibility when it comes to designing/writing them, and I'm looking forward to reworking some of the more complex events, like the slug outlaws and vinehopper scientist chains.


Full changelog:

  • Added frequent events list for events that should occur with tighter rotation
  • Added 'Something hairy this way comes' event
  • Added deployed_death_multiplier effect
  • Added max_deployed_defenders and min_deployed_defenders conditions
  • Moved Old Bitey event to special event list and added variations depending on deployed defender count
  • Refactored handling of effect follow ups
  • Refactored event handling (minor change pending future changes)
  • Updated build system to bail before deploying when repo is in dirty state
  • Fixed possible crash when role swapped bees become undeployed defenders while outside the hive


hive-time-linux-preview.zip 87 MB
Version preview-150-g12721400 Nov 04, 2019
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Version preview-150-g12721400 Nov 04, 2019
hive-time-windows-preview.zip 85 MB
Version preview-150-g12721400 Nov 04, 2019

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