2019-10-29 (preview-141)

Hark, a Hive Time update.

Today's update brings in a first pass on the production screen, which charts resources produced and available storage space over time. There are also some indicators to help explain why production might not be happening at any point in time, which hopefully will highlight the key factors involved in production (available destination storage, available source resources, and available workers).

There's some UI for managing production priority as well, but they're locked behind upgraded production facilities, which aren't in the game just yet.

Also included in this update are a few UX changes. Holding Shift now allows the last build action to be repeated, no matter when Shift was pressed. This removes the ability to repeat non-build actions like Info, but in exchange makes it more consistent/discoverable.

Holding Alt while a radial menu is up will now show shortcut keys if the "always show shortcuts" setting isn't enabled. In preview-140, that setting was "show radial shortcuts." The old setting will hang around until reset to defaults button is pressed or the settings file is otherwise cleared.

Last, but not least, the foraging screen now has a button for selecting/deselecting foraging zones. Previously this was an implicit state when exploration and pollination weren't selected, but that proved to be fairly difficult to read.


Full changelog:

  • Added explicit select/deselect button to foraging screen
  • Added first pass on production screen
  • Added music field to debug event selector
  • Added production history
  • Added shortcut visibility shortcut to radial menus (hold Alt)
  • Added reverse upgrade mappings, and upgraded cells to reverse storage mappings
  • Updated repeat shortcut to always use last build action when shift is held (regardless of when shift is pressed)
  • Updated order of bee radial menu items
  • Updated font of legend text in foraging, defence and activity screens
  • Renamed show_radial_shortcuts setting to always_show_shortcut
  • Fixed stop production animations not being used since payload target refactor
  • Fixed dying bees not stopping production animations
  • Fixed existing payload resource values being overridden when foraging or producing
  • Fixed isProducing logic returning true when non-workers were at a production facility
  • Fixed isProducing logic not paying attention to parent cell for multicell facilities
  • Fixed crash when trying to queue follow up events for effects without follow up events
  • Fixed radial menu shortcuts triggering debug keys


hive-time-linux-preview.zip 87 MB
Version preview-141-g2be9cfef Oct 29, 2019
hive-time-mac-preview.zip 88 MB
Version preview-141-g2be9cfef Oct 29, 2019
hive-time-windows-preview.zip 85 MB
Version preview-141-g2be9cfef Oct 29, 2019

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