Version 0.3-1

Hello again, friends! Contrary to last post, I ended up making a few more tweaks before moving back onto Hive Time. After streaming the game a bit earlier today and chatting with a few players last night, I felt motivated to to address a couple of issues.

Notably, scoring is now weighted less towards pollen than it previously was, meaning that focusing on survival over pollen is hopefully a more valid strategy than it previously was.

I've adjusted volume levels to make pollen sounds a bit less piercing, and the music less overbearing. I've also updated the flower pop sound and added a sound that plays when a new bee is awarded.

The bee hitbox is a little smaller now, making clipping hexagons with your backside a little less fatal and tight horizontal gaps a little more accessible.

Last, but not least, I added a note to the source about the hacky workaround for Camera::project_position()'s behaviour. This morning, my pull request to improve project_position()'s behaviour was merged, and should be in future versions of Godot. In addition to a fun little game and some source code to learn from, this project has resulted in engine improvements that will hopefully benefit even more people ^_^

Thanks for coming on this ride with me. It's been a blast!

- Cheese

Full changelog:

  • Reduced point value of pollen
  • Increased point value of time
  • Updated credits formatting
  • Reduced bee hitbox size to make certain types of close calls less likely to be fatal
  • Increased range of pollen pitch sounds
  • Fixed bad pollen pitch values being used
  • Added note about future API changes to project_position()
  • Fixed licence typo in
  • Adjusted volumes
  • Added new bee sound
  • Replaced flower pop sound
  • Reduced music volume
  • Reduced pollen collection volume

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Version v0.3-1-g24b83947 May 29, 2019

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