Honeycomb CRUNCH released

I'm giving a talk on developing games in Godot this weekend, touching on my work on Hive Time. Since Hive Time's codebase is a bit too big and a bit too messy to be doing a code walkthrough, I quickly knocked together another project (which is how I role apparently - this is how Robin's Rescue, Tiny Chopper Raceway, and HoverDrive were born too).

Honeycomb CRUNCH is a top scrolling shooter without any shooting. Pilot a bee, avoid hexagons, collect pollen. The usual stuff. When we were deciding what to make for the little jam that Hive Time came out of, a scrolling avoid-the-obstacles game was one of the things on the table, and as we started making cells, I was reminded of a game that I used to play on my Amiga which had a section where you piloted a ship through an asteroid field and could optionally rescue astronauts. It took half a day of research, but I finally tracked it down. It's called Swooper, and it's... not quite as impressive as I remembered (though still does some interesting things).

It's only a small game, but I've had a bunch of fun making it. I hope you get something out of it too <3


honeycomb-crunch-linux-v0.1.zip 36 MB
Version v0.1-6-g69c1d6b0 May 25, 2019
honeycomb-crunch-mac-v0.1.zip 36 MB
Version v0.1-6-g69c1d6b0 May 25, 2019
honeycomb-crunch-windows-v0.1.zip 34 MB
Version v0.1-6-g69c1d6b0 May 25, 2019

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