Version 0.2

Three main changes in today's build that are worth noting. New bees are now spawned above the play area and descent can be controlled to avoid starting in front of an oncoming hex, it's now possible to pause a game mid-run, and the game over screen now displays an unlabelled graph of the past 20 scores and times.

In addition to the attached builds, these changes are also live in the game's GitLab repo.

Still planning to do a comment and tidy pass on the code to make it a bit more readable, but that probably won't happen for a couple of days.

Full changelog:

  • Added controllable spawn sequence
  • Added sore and time history to game over screen
  • Added pause functionality
  • Added version indicator to title screen (version number sourced from res://version.txt, which is created by
  • Added tracking of last 20 scores/times
  • Bee collision and gravity areas are now generated via code
  • Prevent bee from exploding when already dying
  • Added more colour to background clouds
  • Removed some colour from background stars

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Version v0.2-1-g66dfb95a May 26, 2019 36 MB
Version v0.2-1-g66dfb95a May 26, 2019 34 MB
Version v0.2-1-g66dfb95a May 26, 2019

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