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Any chance of tooltips for some of the options in the menus? Also, any chance of a manual for covering things such as custom music?

Do you mean tooltips for radial menu items when clicking on cells or main menu items?

A full scale manual seems unlikely for now, but the way that custom music currently works is that any Ogg Vorbis music files placed in the custom_music/background or custom_music/interstitial folders in your user folder (access this by selecting "Open User Folder" from the settings menu) will override existing game music if they share the same filename, or be added to the relevant playlist if they don't.

Hope that helps!

Main menu items certainly. The radial menu could do with them, too.

Explaining the difference between background and interstitial music might be helpful here, too.

An interstitial track is played between every background track unless there are no interstitial tracks to play.

A friend was saying that they "need an app" for their Chrome Book, I'm not sure if you have any knowledge about whether the app is available to make this really extra easy for such people?

I'm not certain! I don't have any first hand experience with Chrome OS.

Did a bit of looking.  It doesn't look like it is as simple as it could be.  It looks like it would be just downloading, and then running that.  Which for someone who, "needs an app" probably wouldn't work.  

Hmm yeah. I don't know whether the Itch app is available through any vendor provided distribution channels (most distribution platforms don't like having clients for other distribution platforms available).

If it's running an ARM processor or something else that's not x86_64, that's also likely to be a problem for Hive Time.

I hadn't even considered that it might be an issue with the processor.  It does seem that there are possibilities that it would not really work with a standard x86_64 or AMD64 build (more or less the same, but somewhat different).  I don't really know if our laptop would work, and it *seems* like a lot of the chromebooks are similar processors (eek).  

This gonna be available on console if you get enough backing? 

No, sorry. Open platforms only.


It really is.

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I really enjoy this. I have some minor issues however:

~ Looking in other windows while the game is active totally locks up the windows os. This is something to possibly look into.

I can't seem to find the reason or way to replicate how this is happening. Attempting in using any forensic tools to analyze behavior for errors is just freezing the os.

~ One of the controls is using the "Alt" button. This is something I had to change since "Alt + F4" or "Alt + CTRL + DEL" are system based shortcuts.

Having alt in the game cuts off the system shortcut access when the app is frozen.

Sorry to hear you're experiencing troubles. This isn't something that any of my Windows testers reported before release, but it's something I'd like to look into further. Would you mind emailing through some more information on your system (system specs, OS version, graphics driver version, etc.) and a copy of the game's logs from a play session where this has occurred to support @ The logs folder can be found by selecting the "Show User Folder" option in the Settings menu.

Does this happen when the game is running in a window, or only when it's fullscreen?

Both actually. I tried to isolate the issue by only viewing the game window and nothing else, when I tried to get rid of a cell I didn't need, the game froze again. This behavior is really weird. I sent some info though.

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nice game but plz put a are u sure  about deleting saves
(and congrats on release)

Delete and overwrite confirmation prompts are on the todo list (but weren't worth delaying the game for). Sorry for any inconvenience!


The current build should now prompt for confirmation before deleting or overwriting saves

wow that was fast


It's something I'd already wanted to do, and it seemed to have tripped up a few people, so it was worth getting something in quickly ^_^


I'm loving it! Do you plan to add localization? I'd love to help.

No plans for localisation right now, but thank you for the offer!


Gratz on Release!




Congrats on the release!



This is awesome, will continue to follow

Cheers ^_^


Much improved!  The sound effects and UI changes make it a lot easier to play.  I got through it and made a new queenie just in time thanks to the vinehopper :)

Nice :D


The test build for linux works well and is quite fun.

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