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[mysterious floorboard creaking when nobody is home sound]!

Today's builds include some editor and performance tweaks.

Drag movement for entities when snapping is enabled is now dramatically improved. Previously, mouse movement was applied immediately to selected entities' time properties, but when snapping, that meant that unless movement was fast enough to travel the snap distance in one input event, the mouse would move, but the entity wouldn't. This would end up giving some drift when dragging entities slowly.

The editor now keeps track of a "drag offset" and tacks that (and rounds to snap intervals) onto selected entities during rendering, which means that the snapped position always takes into account entire mouse movement rather than just the bits that moved far enough to jump to the next snap interval.

I knew when I was doing the initial implementation that I'd have to make this change eventually, but keeping it simple early on let me focus my attention on other things when I had unknowns to tackle.

On some systems, Godot will briefly pause when new meshes and materials are instantiated for the first time (regardless of the game's use of Godot's preload() function). As a dodgy workaround, placing an instance of every object within the camera frustum is enough to front-load that pause into one longer pause before gameplay starts. Right now, that leaves you on the menu for an unresponsive half a second, but later on, we'll be able to hide that behind a transition screen.


Full changelog:

  • Added preinstantiation workaround to reduce pauses when loading objects during gameplay
  • Added click and drag movement for multi hit entity states
  • Added multi hit state time saving/loading
  • Added SELECT_STATE editor input mode
  • Added entity dimming dependin on whether input mode is SELECT_STATE or not
  • Added editor snapping modifier shortcut (Ctrl)
  • Refactored editor input mode button generation
  • Updated dragging to use a temporary offset for more consistent behaviour when snapping
  • Updated action icons to be positioned next to each entity's state icon
  • Fixed default state offsets for multi hit entities not using defaultStateTimeChange

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Version v0.0-40-g3e7efefe Sep 07, 2020

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