Bonus plesiosaur: Umoonasaurus (and some news!)

Late last year, I was successful in applying for a small grant from Screen Tasmania to develop Bonesweeper into a larger game. You can follow for more information here, here, or here. Exciting!

To celebrate, I've updated the prototype here with a new skeleton and a few miscellaneous improvements.

The new dinosaur is Umoonasaurus, an Australian Plesiosaur which I first learned of via an opalised specimen named "Eric," which gained popularity as part of a fundraising drive that allowed the Australian Museum to purchase it in the early 1990s.

Please note that if you have an existing  game that you would like to continue, you will need to rename "bonesweeper" folder to "bonesweeper-prototype" in the following location:

  • Linux:
    (note that this respects XDG_DATA_HOME)
  • Mac:
    ~/Library/Application Support/bonesweeper/
  • Windows:


Full changelog:

  • Upgraded to Godot 3.4
  • Added umoonasaurus
  • Added umoonasaurus menu background
  • Added quit screen announcing continued development
  • Added some focus debug output to settings screen
  • Added default theme for all game modes
  • Added updateResolution() functions to main menu, settings, credits, sweeper, and assembler indicators to adjust font and UI sizes to compensate for window size
  • Added updateResolution() functions to sweeper fossil notification to adjust size to compensate for window size
  • Added noto font
  • Added move_fossil_down assembler controls
  • Added isMovingDown() to assembler brick
  • Added hidden font_size setting
  • Added show_dig_gui_buttons setting
  • Added dig GUI pause button
  • Updated prototype to use bonesweeper-prototype as user folder.
  • Updated Game::doQuit() to only teardown GodotTTS if isQuitting is true
  • Updated credits to handle wrappng when panning up
  • Updated credits to include some new supporter names
  • Updated credits to include font asset attribution
  • Updated skeleton_meta.json to include difficulty strings
  • Updated assembler menu to indicate skeleton difficulty
  • Updated project settings to allow high DPI rendering by default
  • Updated sound and effect players to process when paused
  • Updated music player to process when paused
  • Updated credits instance to be stored in class variable in main menu to make triggering resolution updates easier
  • Updated main menu to pick menu backgrounds based on last dig or assembly
  • Updated drop_fossil binding description
  • Updated assembler selection menu to show skeleton difficulty
  • Refactored assembler brick falling into doDown()
  • Refactored setupBackgroundCamera() to allow a species name to be passed in
  • Fixed occasional movement stutter in assembler when doing drop, stash drop, or sort drop
  • Fixed dig button not getting focus imediately when starting the game
  • Fixed date ordering in kunbarrasaurus era text
  • Fixed updateSettingDropdown() not using defined meta values
  • Fixed assembly mode processing mouse down events while pressed if paused via GUI button
  • Fixed player customisation and player management screens not using default theme
  • Fixed player customisation and player management screens not updating scale with window size change
  • Fixed scale adjustment on end and ready screens not updating correctly in build and dig modes

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Version v0.1-12-ge91ef18a Feb 04, 2022

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