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In this narrative focused (no combat) encounter chain, you'll get to know and spend time with a pet claw troll named Ruben, who has a big heart and more enthusiasm than sense.

A write-up of the mod's development and themes can be found here, and an interview as part of the Hand of Fate 2 Mod Spotlight series can be found here.

Dedicated to Henry and Frodo.


  • Seven encounters
  • One blessing
  • One curse
  • Twenty pieces of card art
  • One good friend

Known issues:

  • Some remaining unpolished card art
  • Ruben 6 token unlocks early (cosmetic issue)

If you would like to play or re-play this card chain as a single challenge, you can download the supplemental "Rubens Only" mod as well.  Note that the intended experience is that Ruben's story will unfold as the chain's tokens are unlocked across many challenges.

Thanks to Mim, Fiogan and Maydn for testing feedback and proof reading. Thanks also to Anthony, Cade, James, Nic, and everybody at Defiant for support and encouragement! :D

CategoryGame mod
Release date Apr 29, 2018
Made withUnity
Tagshand-of-fate-2, Narrative, pet
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


ruben_2019-03-01.zip 766 kB
rubensonly_2019-03-01.zip 168 kB

Install instructions

Note: This version of the mod is for non-Steam users. If you are running Hand of Fate 2 on Steam, you can subscribe to it on the Steam Workshop.

To install on Linux, Mac or Windows, extract the zip file into the following location under your Hand of Fate 2 install folder (if you're on Windows, the slashes are the other way around):

Hand of Fate 2_Data/StreamingAssets/AssetBundles/mod/

Once the mod has been installed, you'll need a mod-enabled save slot to play it with. It is recommended that you clone an existing save, as leaderboards and achievements will be disabled for mod-enabled saves, and this process can not be undone. To create a mod-enabled clone of an existing save, select "Load Game / Mods" from the game's main menu, and then click the cog icon to the right of your save slot.

If you are planning to play the Rubens Only challenge, you will need to have both mods installed and activated.

If you have any troubles or questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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