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fantastic game. Reminds me of how much I loved clash of clans. Very polished, fun and addictive. I'm absolutely recommending this to people.

Thanks for your kind words! I'm glad to hear it's resonated with you :)


So this game is super fun so far. My only complaint is as far as i can tell there is no fast forward button and that kinda sucks. but it is cute and relaxing and all the fun facts is so cool!

Thanks for your kind words! :)

If it's helpful, here are some thoughts on why Hive Time doesn't have time controls.

I experimented with time controls very early in development and found that it made it more difficult for players to observe the hive's details, which in turn affected how much room there was for being thoughtful about the impact of management decisions as well as how responsive players could be to unfolding situations (all of which are key to the game's intended experience in my eyes).

In most situations, there are ways that the game's management systems expose ways of speeding things up (eg: rebalancing population diversity to help research finish sooner or using pollination to increase pollen/nectar throughput). Time controls also seemed like they would take away any time that players could use to experiment and discover these  sorts of things. In the end, leaving room for players to engage with gameplay to optimise their experience felt like the right thing to do.

Time controls are common in management sims, so I definitely understand that many players will expect them and be disappointed when they're not available. Hive Time intentionally bucks or subverts a number of genre conventions, and it's my hope that I've found ways to make it approachable and enjoyable for players regardless.

Hope that sheds some light!


I have the opposite @BloodAngelBa. I feel the game can be a bit too fast sometime and for me it lessens the feeling of serenity when playing. But it's still a wonderful game. Thank you!


Thanks for your kind words also!

If it's helpful to know, the default Queen lifespan gives a lot of room for going slow, and the game won't punish you if you don't meet the 600 Jelly goal in time (unless you ticked the "Unforgiving game over" FYOF option when starting a new game). There are also FYOF options for disabling events and disasters, which can reduce the number of things competing for your attention.

Sorry I think my comment was a bit unclear. It is during the mid game segment I feel it can be a bit too fast. It's not that the goal of 600 jelly that is "the problem" (calling it a problem is a huge understatement), It's keeping track of everything for example balancing population and managing production. But it's probably just me getting overwhelmed a bit too easily and it's only for a short time. All this is extreme nitpicking. Your suggestion to disable events/disasters is great but it's also a great tools to learn the mechanics of the game and really satisfying to overcome.

Two other things:

1. I know you consider the game as finished, but are you considering more additions to the gameplay. For example goals/win conditions or more modifiers (like limiting upgrades).

2. I've run in to some problems that might be bugs (at least one of them). When reaching a population limit of about 1500 I can't seem to reach it regardless if I turn bee-sitters to 100%. It hovers around 800 bees. The problem might be that my computer is too slow.

I also found that when accessing Bee-pedia from the upgraded wax assembler you get the message "Something went wrong. It turns out that the 'wax_assembler' topic doesn't exist or isn't unlocked".

Regardless of all this the game is great and I've played it at least a hundred times. When I get a job again I will give a generous donation as a thanks for all your great work.

v1.2 for mac is quote

“Hive Time” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

which is why I played v1.1

v1.1's bees kept glitching when my resources are at max so now im waiting for v1.3

It's a good game from what I can tell from v1.1

Hi! Sorry to hear that you're experiencing troubles.

v1.2-77 works on my Macs. As part of ongoing initiatives under the guise of "security," Apple have been making it progressively harder for developers to distribute games without engaging in Apple's distribution mechanisms, which is part of why I do not officially support anything newer than 10.14.

My best guess is that MacOS has "quarantined" Hive Time, and is displaying the "Hive Time is damaged" error when it would historically have shown a warning about the application being from an "unidentified developer." I'm uncertain why this is affecting the v1.2 build for you and not the v1.1 build, but you may be able to use the xattr command line tool with the -cr options to remove the quarantine flag from Hive

Alternatively, you can install and run Hive Time through the Itch App, which will bypass that nonsense.

I would be interested to hear more about the glitching you were experiencing. If you have a save or a log file you're willing to share, please send that along with a description of the behaviour you were seeing to the support address listed in the "Technical help" section here on the store page.

Hope that helps!

That helped a lot. Thanks

although the it's still glitchy it's playable and fun

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I would like to hear more about the glitches you are experiencing. I haven't had any reports or seen anything during testing/development that matches that description.

If you have a save or a log file you're willing to share, please send that along with a description of the behaviour you 're seeing and some screenshots (if it's visible in screenshots) to the support address listed in the "Technical help" section here on the store page.

the glitch makes the game "shake" varying in severity, it's usually the bees flashing out of existence and then coming back  but some times the map would also "shake" and "flash" 

Hmm, definitely haven't heard of anything like that before. You're saying it only happens when storage is full, and stops once you use some resources or construct more storage? If the game is running slowly, does this still happen if you disable shadows and particles, and turn antialiasing off in the Video Settings menu?

I'd definitely be keen to see a log file and some system specs (in particular CPU, RAM, graphics chipset, and VRAM, but a model number should be enough for me to look that up if you're on Apple hardware). If you're able to get a short video, that would be helpful too. Best to send those through via email, since the log contains your home folder path when outputting where it saves games to.

I have the same problem with 1.2 on Catalina. The "unidentified developer" message is something different. I get that too with other apps and know how to fix it. It's not that.

Without more information, there's not much I can do. If you could answer the questions and provide the information requested in this post, that will help me look into the problem.

Please Add a sandbox where you have infinite resource

If you enable Debug Mode, there's are shortcuts available to increase resource caps and give resources. You can find more information under the "Cheats and debug controls" section in the FAQ here on the store page.

Hope that helps!

Awesome! Thanks


doesnt save progress

Hi! The game autosaves every 10 minutes (unless you turn that off), and you can do manual saves either by going to the main menu and selecting save, or by pressing the quick save button. What exactly is the problem that you're experiencing?

Hi, thanks for replying. & Oh, ok. I didn't know it automatically saved. I also didn't know about the quick save button, which mainly solves the problem. The main menu save still is broken I'm pretty sure because it closes the game and when it reopens, it didn't save.

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Going to the save menu shouldn't be closing the game.

Can you send me a copy of the game log from a play session where you've tried to save from the main menu to the address listed under the "Technical help" section here on the store page (instructions on where to find logs are in the "Log, save, and config file locations" section)?

Yes, I just sent an email to that address with the log attached.

Thanks! I sent through a test build with extra logging. If you haven't received that, let me know.

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