Happy hatchday Bat Egg & v1.0-5 changelog

Good day egg friends and friend eggs!

Bat Egg hatched one year ago today! To celebrate, I've put together a small patch.

The tutorial now shows a silhouette demonstrating the actions that the tutorial is asking the player to achieve, hopefully better communicating how some of the more tricky actions (such as the short flap) are performed.

Tutorial prompts also now has bolding for terms/concepts, which I hope makes it easier to pick out the important bits!

Story pages have a sound effect that plays as text is typing out, which makes that feel a bit more polished.

Last, but not least, the end of story mode has had some slight pacing adjustments.


Full changelog:

  • Upgraded to Godot 3.4
  • Added test build deployment script
  • Added support for characters and character_movement to authored levels
  • Added typing sound for cutscene text
  • Added demonstration egg to tutorial
  • Added debug keys for recording player movement (U and I)
  • Added difficulty indicator to HUD
  • Added difficulty indicator to level summary screen
  • Added difficulty indicator to game over screen
  • Added small SAF font with outline
  • Added _silhouetty skin suffix
  • Added special tutorial skin
  • Added Letter::doFree() to call queue_free() when twirl out animation ends
  • Added bold markup to tutorial prompts
  • Added all_slow processing for lose_lives action
  • Added Game3D::removeLife() to handle decrementing lives and HUD icons with specified delay
  • Updated skin loading to check special subfolder for additional textures
  • Updated dialogue to use RichTextLabel with bbcode
  • Updated tutorial prompt wording
  • Updated build script to deploy Linux build in a zip
  • Updated supporter credits
  • Updated tester credits
  • Updated 'lives' to be referred to as 'motivation'
  • Updated Player3D::spawnHatchling() to return hatchling
  • Updated Player3D sequence processing to allow self to be hatchableParent
  • Updated credits screen to allow wrapping when scrolling backwards with mouse controls
  • Updated credits screen to allow manual scrolling for keyboard and mouse without action held down
  • Updated pacing of last level of Story mode
  • Updated Game3D::die() to not play death sound if game is ending
  • Updated Game3D::endLevel() to take an optional delay parameter
  • Updated Letter::disappear() to take an optional delay
  • Fixed Letter::doTwirlOut() ignoring float delays
  • Fixed tutorial propmts not being centred correctly when fullscreen
  • Fixed hatchling and NPC action clearing waitingForDialogue flag


bat-egg-linux-v1.0.zip 88 MB
Version v1.0-5-g92ec0468 Sep 25, 2022
bat-egg-mac-v1.0.zip 101 MB
Version v1.0-5-g92ec0468 Sep 25, 2022
bat-egg-windows-v1.0.zip 87 MB
Version v1.0-5-g92ec0468 Sep 25, 2022

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