A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Supply Chain aims to explore and prompt discussion on how highly optimised, just-in-time supply chains can be susceptible to disruption.

What kind of impact does short term panic buying have? What happens when WFH leads people to shoulder the burden of buying goods that are typically bought by workplaces through bulk suppliers? How long does it take for manufacturing issues to trickle down to consumers?

Supply Chain provides an abstract and easy to understand overview of the supply chain between producer and consumer.

This is provided as a free game/toy in the interests of prompting thought and discussion. If you'd like to support the creators or follow their work, Cheese's Patreon page is here, systemchalk's Twitch page is here, and Peter's Bandcamp page is here.

Supply Chain's behaviour can be customised by copying the provided json folder to the following location and making modifications. An in-game event editor can also be accessed by enabling the Debug Shortcuts setting and pressing E while playing.

  • Linux:
    (note that this respects XDG_DATA_HOME)
  • Mac:
    ~/Library/Application Support/supplychain/
  • Windows:
  • Selecting the Open User Folder option from the settings menu will open this location in a file browser.

If you're interested in diving further under the hood, MIT licenced source code for Supply Chain can be found on GitLab.

Updated 25 days ago
Published 26 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date 26 days ago
AuthorsCheeseness, systemchalk
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Casual, Economy, Management, Moddable, Mouse only, Open Source, Real-Time, Singleplayer, toilet-paper
LicenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityOne button
LinksSource code


supply-chain-linux-v1.0.zip 39 MB
Version v1.0-14-gc70ce39d 25 days ago
supply-chain-windows-v1.0.zip 38 MB
Version v1.0-14-gc70ce39d 25 days ago
supply-chain-mac-v1.0.zip 39 MB
Version v1.0-14-gc70ce39d 25 days ago


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Some features that would be nice to add to the game:

* A counter on each section of the chain to show how much of its current capacity is used.
* On the graphs for the reports, additional lines showing the resupply thresholds for each part of the chain, as well as additional bars showing the various random events.

Also, 20 rounds seems really long. Maybe track statistics mid-round (for better resolution on the statistics) and make the game last only 5 rounds, say?

(2 edits)

Hi! Thanks for your thoughts.

Just to clarify, the game isn't 20 report periods long and continues to chart data beyond that. Supply Chain intentionally has no end, allowing players to play for as long or as short a session as they like.

big poggers, nice gam