v0.1 - Initial release

Over the past decade or so, I've often been asked to time to download, extract, fix permissions, compress, and send back Linux builds for Windows-based developers. I've come across many more games that just don't have executable permissions set on their binaries.

In the past (and the future), I've always been happy to help Windows-based developers out with this, and while I like being involved in a small way, I think it makes more sense to empower developers to do manage executable permissions themselves.

Today, I am releasing a simple utility to do just that. plus-x (named for the +x option that the Unix utility chmod uses to give files executable permissions) allows developers on any platform to open ZIP archives and add/remove executable permissions on any files within. It comes with two graphical user interfaces - a nice GTK one, and a fallback Tcl/Tk one (the GTK ui requires pygobject to be installed, while Tcl/Tk is typically included as part of a default Python install).

If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if you turn him into a fish, he will swim for the rest of his life. Or something.



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Version v0.1-4-gf76be05d Feb 28, 2021

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