A downloadable prototype for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hi! This is a prototype version of Hive Time, based on a snapshot of the game's source code from early May 2019 at the end of the 10 day jam that Mim and myself originally created it for.

Though this prototype includes some changes and additions, it is intended to represent what we had in mind for Hive Time without exceeding the kind of work that would have been achievable during the jam. For this reason, it still has a few bugs and plenty of rough edges, but is more stable and more playable than the game was on the 10th day.

Our hope is to show Hive Time's origins and give a point of comparison for what was accomplished during the 7 months leading up to the game's release in early Beecember 2019.

If you haven't seen/played the full version of Hive Time, it's probably best to play that first.


- Cheese


  • Left click: Select
  • Right click: Clear current build mode
  • M: Toggle music

Debug controls:

  • R: Reload game data
  • B: Finish building
  • G: Give resources

Changes since the 10th day snapshot include:

  • A notice at startup explaining that this is not the full game
  • Music based on rough sketches recorded during the jam (before Peter Silk came onboard to compose the full game's fantastic soundtrack)
  • Wax Assembler model based on an interim design not seen in the final version of the game
  • Throne Room can no longer be destroyed
  • New Queens can now be spawned
  • Game now ends when current Queen dies
  • Tooltips for HUD icons
  • Tooltips for construction buttons
  • Error sounds when constructions can not be placed/afforded
  • Minor bugfixes
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jan 11, 2020
AuthorsCheeseness, Mimness
Made withGodot
Tagsbee, City Builder, Cute, Hex Based, hive, Management
Average sessionA few hours
LinksHomepage, Twitter, YouTube


hive-time-prototype-linux-v0.1.zip 21 MB
Version v0.1-0-g918434df Jan 12, 2020
hive-time-prototype-mac-v0.1.zip 21 MB
Version v0.1-0-g918434df Jan 12, 2020
hive-time-prototype-windows-v0.1.zip 19 MB
Version v0.1-0-g918434df Jan 12, 2020

Install instructions

To to install, extract the game and run it!

Bee sure to check out the full game if you haven't already!