Demo Update v0.0.2

Greetings, wayward adventurers!

The In the Snowy Winter's Wake demo has finally  updated, with a number of content enhancements and bug fixes. Alongside this update, I've also published a retrospective article looking at my experiences with exhibiting Winter's Wake at PAX Australia.

Since this update includes engine enhancements and fixes added during Icicle Jam Zero and the during development of Voices of the Past, Memories of Myst and The Spicy Meatball Saves the Day, it's been tricky to pull out the bits that are specifically relevant to Winter's Wake, but a short list can be found below.

  • Reverted game name to "In the Snowy Winter's Wake"
  • Optimised scene rendering calls
  • Fixed a bug with music not ending when it should
  • Fixed seams in several action icons
  • Fixed several saving/loading bugs
  • Fixed many typos
  • Fixed several puzzle logic errors
  • Fixed font size calculation when rendering larger than 1440x900
  • Fixed crash when saving screenshots (P key) on MacOS
  • Added initial support for gamepads (bindings may vary across devices)
  • Added main menu music
  • Added temporary mouse wheel/click support to main menu
  • Added music to the Crossroads scene
  • Added inventory screen (Tab or Middle Mouse Click)
  • Added centre snapping to vertical orientation indicator
  • Added temporary cutscene pause support (hold Space)
  • Added scene entry prompts
  • Added logging for additional events
  • Added default sensitivity controls (- to decrease = to increase 0 to reset)
  • Added initial PhysFS support (later, this will allow mod support)
  • Added a small puzzle
  • Updated splash screen
  • Updated scene title rendering to show spaces and capitalise the first letters of words
  • Updated credits to reflect additional contributions
  • Updated vertical orientation indicator
  • Updated keyboard controls to provide smooth rotation
  • Updated ambient audio in most scenes
  • Updated default mouse sensitivity
  • Updated third_party_assets.txt location

If you have any issues, questions or comments, feel free to send them to



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Feb 01, 2018

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