The Spiciest Update

After many long months, I'm very happy to present new builds of The Spicy Meatball Saves The Day along with a snazzy new trailer!

These builds include additional content, a whole stack of fixes (here's a partial list I made when getting ready for testing), and some new features that I've spent the past couple of weeks pulling together. Here are some of the more interesting changes:

  • A new, voiced "readme"
  • New FM synth ambient and action sound effects by InversePhase
  • Ambient building fire sounds
  • Improved keyboard controls
  • Initial gamepad/joystick support (bindings below)
  • Cutscene scroll pausing (Space)
  • Improved audio timing
  • Menu sounds
  • A headphone recommendation splash screen
  • Lots and lots of puzzle logic fixes
  • Lots and lots of text fixes
  • Save/load fixes
  • Disabled states for main menu items that don't make sense to be enabled - I'm looking at you, "Save Game" and the way you used to allow people to save a game before starting one

At this point in time, I feel that Spicy Meatball is the best showcase of the Icicle engine in its current state.

In lieu of an in-game gamepad/joystick bindings screen, here's a quick rundown on controls. Note that this feature is super new and hasn't been tested across many devices. If you hit any hurdles or unexpected behaviour, let me know!

  • X/Y camera rotation: Axis 0 and axis 1 (typically "left stick")
  • Interact/confirm: Button 0 (typically "A")
  • Inventory: Button 1 (typically "B")
  • Cancel/Pause: Button 2 (typically "X")

I'd also like to take the time to draw attention to some of the people who helped playtest this update prior to release. Without their efforts, a metaphorical ton of virtual bugs would have gone unchecked. They are today's Cool People of the Highest Degree.

  • Miriam "Mim" Roser
  • Philipp "murks" Überbacher
  • Caroline Choong
  • Chiitoo
  • Nemoder
  • flesk
  • Surak

And finally, a very big thanks to all of my lovely Patreon supporters. Without your support, this update wouldn't have happened. Keep an eye out for yourselves in the credits!


spicy_meatball-linux-2017-09-25.tar.gz 15 MB
Sep 25, 2017 18 MB
Sep 25, 2017 17 MB
Sep 25, 2017

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